You can self-refer yourself into the following services within Camden:


If you know which hospital or trust you want to have your baby in, and you live in their catchment area, you can refer yourself to a hospital or a midwife-led team for antenatal care and delivery using the links below:

HospitalTelephone NumberSelf-Referral FormWebsite  
Royal Free020 7830 2752Royal Free Self-Referral FormClick here     
UCLH020 3447 9354UCLH Self-Referral FormClick here 
Whittington020 7272 3070Whittington Self-Referral FormClick here
St Mary’s020 3313 5222St Mary’s Self-Referral FormClick here

Breathe – Stop Smoking Service

Breathe is Camden & Islington’s stop-smoking service. It delivers a tiered model to ensure smokers receive the best support to help them stop smoking.

Patients can self-refer by telephone: 020 3633 2609 or via the online Breathe Self-Referral Form.

Camden Bladder & Bowel Service

Camden Specialist Adult Bladder and Bowel Service provides assessment, advice and management service to adult and children (over 5 years old) with complex bladder and bowel conditions in order to make sure that the most appropriate treatment and products are prescribed.

For additional information, please view the following leaflet here.

Patients can self-refer by telephone: 020 3317 3400.

Order the universally recognised ‘Just Can’t Wait Toilet Card’ Online FREE from the Bladder & Bowel Community here.

Camden Care Navigation & Social Prescribing – Age UK

Age UK’s Care Navigation & Social Prescribing Service helps people to receive the right support at the right time through:

  • Care navigation
  • Signposting to community and voluntary organisations
  • Information and advice

It consists of 4 linked services: Care Navigation, Community Links, Community Connectors and Wish Plus.

Patients can self-refer by telephone: 0800 193 6067 or via email: [email protected].

Camden Carers Service

Camden Carers Service offers advice, support and activities for family and unpaid carers across Camden.

Patients can self-refer by telephone: 020 7428 8950 or via the online Camden Carers Self-Referral Form.

Camden MSK Services

The Camden Musculoskeletal (MSK) Services are an integration of a full range of MSK services available throughout Camden, including:

  • Community services (physio, CATS, podiatry and pain services)
  • Secondary care (orthopaedics and rheumatology)

For additional information, please view the following leaflet here.

Patients can self-refer by telephone: 020 7871 0545.

iCAS – Integrated Camden Alcohol Service

The Integrated Camden Alcohol Service (iCAS) service offers help and support to people with alcohol concerns and to their family and friends. Support provide includes:

  • alcohol reduction plans
  • group work programme
  • community or inpatient detoxification
  • assessments for residential rehabilitation
  • psychological assessment and therapies
  • mental and physical health checks and advice

Patients can self-refer by telephone: 020 3227 4950 (book an appointment) or 0300 303 2420 (24-hour advice and referral line).

You can also contact them on their free, confidential helpline number: 03330 150 673 (open Mon-Fri 9am-8pm)

iCope – Psychological Therapies Services

iCope provide free, confidential help and support for problems such as stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia.

There are times when everyone feels stressed or unhappy. Generally these times pass, but sometimes there are problems that do not go away and it can be harder to cope with them. At some point in their life, one in four people feels this way. 

Patients can self-refer by telephone: 020 3317 5600 or via the online iCope Self-Referral Form.

IESO – Talking Therapy

Ieso Digital Health provides evidence-based CBT, online. One-to-one therapy is delivered in real time, with patients meeting an accredited therapist in a secure online environment. Access to therapy is quick (83% of self-referrals start therapy within 6 weeks of referral), with evening and weekend appointments available. 

Patients can self-refer by telephone: 0800 074 5560 or via the online IESO Self-Referral Form.

Open Minded (Camden Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services – CAHMS) 

A set of services for children, young people (up to 18 years), their families, parents and carers who are experiencing emotional, behavioural and mental health problems. Support provide includes:

  • advice and support for parents
  • counselling and therapy for children
  • therapeutic work with the whole family 

For additional information, please view the following leaflet here.

Patients can self-refer by telephone: 020 8938 2241.

Rebalance – Adult Weight Management

Rebalance is a 12-week, group, weight-loss programme of exercise and dietary advice for overweight or obese adults. The programme covers: nutritional advice, healthy-eating guidance, online, cognitive behavioural support and support to get active. 

Sexual Health Services

If you have no symptoms but would like a sexual health check-up you can sign-up online to Sexual Health London (SHL)  – a discreet service for Londoners.

For free and confidential sexual health, contraception and HIV services in London, please click here.

To book an appointment online, please click here.

Unplanned & Termination of Pregnancy Services

All services support a woman’s choice, whether she decides to continue with her pregnancy or to have a termination of pregnancy. Pre-and post-termination counselling is offered, along with sexual health advice and contraception service.

Women will be given a choice to be treated at clinics run by three providers:

Patients can self-refer by telephone: 0333 999 9951 (central booking service for all referrals)

Additional Leaflets